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What is Railo?
New CFML engine
New architecture
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What is Railo?

Perhaps you have heard the name Railo before, but aren't quite sure what it is? Keep reading to find out more about Railo and what it can do for you.

New CFML engine
Railo is an alternative engine for the Cold Fusion Markup Language (CFML), that compiles code programmed in CFML into Java byte code and executes it on a servlet engine.

New architecture
Railo introduces a new server architecture, where each web context represents a self-contained, individually configurable area.

Railo 3.0 is free
Next giant step with Railo. By releasing Railo 3.0 the gap to the CFML standard is even closer.
Railo 3.0 Community is available for free without any restrictions in use.
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Railo Express (Live version)
Try Railo. Just download and play.
No installation necessary
Railo Express